Xfinity Promotion Deals Are Affordable and Come with a Variety of Perks

As we all know, Xfinity by Comcast is a household name all across the US. Xfinity is one of the most famous and reliable internet and TV service providers and provides its services in across 36 states. When it comes to Xfinity’s bundle deals, they provide great value for money as there are a plenty of perks that we get with Xfinity. Well, Xfinity has promotional deals for new customers that are super affordable, come with plenty of benefits and flexibilities, and has three speed and price tiers, which you can choose from.

While Xfinity also has deals for standalone services, students, as well as military officials, in this article we will discuss the ones for all citizens that create maximum value for money for your entire household. So, if you want to learn more about Xfinity promotional deals, below we have mentioned all the benefits and features you get with the deals.


One thing that is a prerequisite when you choose an internet service provider is the speed. Xfinity is a well-known service for its fast internet speed. The promotional packages have good enough speed options for people with a minimal use and for heavy users. One more thing that makes Xfinity one of the best internet service providers is that they provide the same or more speed than promised on the advertisement, so you never have to worry about a lagging internet connection.

Free Peacock Premium

When you get any of Xfinity’s TV package, it comes with a free Peacock Premium subscription. Besides all your cable TV channels, Xfinity X1 comes with a TV box, free streaming apps, and free peacock premium.

Well, there are a plenty of Peacock original movies, TV shows, and content that you can enjoy. Also, besides the original content Peacock premium has plenty of other popular TV shows, movies, series, and much more content. So, if you don’t have very specific preferences in terms of TV shows you can enjoy a lot of content in a very reasonable price.

Sports Zone

Besides the free Peacock premium when you get the Xfinity X1 TV and internet, with the TV you get a sports zone which is a personalized screen for sports lover. The sports zone has plenty of sports related content for you to watch and with the advanced search option you get suggestions of sports shows, and games that could be of your interest. Besides, the sports zone sends you updates and notifies you of all the sports news and updates in real time, and the best part is that you check out scores whenever and wherever you are.

Kids Zone

Similar to the sports zone, Xfinity X1 has a separate kids zone which has content that has been specially curated for children. If you have kids at home this is best for you because Xfinity is a very family friendly service, which is one of the reasons why it is a household ISP. The Kids Zone has content from all genres for kids to choose and there is a huge variety, so your children are not bored.

Award Winning Voice Remote

Keeping all the other perks that we get with Xfinity, one thing that is a great deal is the fact that the packages come with Xfinity’s award winning voice remote. It often is the case that we don’t want to switch channels or don’t know the channel numbers, and it gets annoying using a traditional remote. With Xfinity’s voice remote things get easy and convenient because you can simply access any channel by saying the channel name to the remote. So, when you get Xfinity X1, you can control and run the TV channels by just saying in the voice remote.

Download Content with the Xfinity Stream App

When you buy Xfinity’s TV package, you not only get streaming apps, cable TV channels, sports and kids zone, but you also get the option to download content from the Xfinity Stream App. The app has all the content online from which you can easily download your favorite shows and movies to watch online.

DVR Recordings With Xfinity X1

One more thing that makes X1 TV our favorite is the option for DVR recordings. You can record your favorite shows with Xfinity DVR and watch them afterwards. With the DVR recording option you can also download lives shows, episodes that you don’t want to miss and much more. Apart from that, you can download multiple shows at a time, skip ads, and store the shows in cloud DVR that has a very good storage capacity.

Free Nationwide WiFi Hotspots

One thing about Xfinity internet and TV is that is a very user-friendly internet service provider and lets you access you internet as well as TV when you are outdoors. With Xfinity’s 20 million free WiFi hotspots you can access a secure Xfinity WiFi on the go and get updates from the sports zone, or watch news, or even stream shows from your Xfinity stream app. The WiFi Hotspots can be accessed from your Xfinity Hotspots app and you can access safe internet all over the nation.

Automatic Payments and Paperless Billing

One of the best things about Xfinity’s service is that they have a very flexible terms and agreements process, which allows you to enjoy Xfinity Promotion Deals at a very reasonable price for the first 12 months with an agreement for 12 months. Besides, if you feel like you will not stick to this internet service provider, you can always choose not to sign the agreement and pay the original price. This way you will not have to pay any cancelation fee and you will be free to unsubscribe whenever you want.

Apart from the flexible agreements, the billing process with Xfinity is super easy and convenient and you can make your payments through the app without having to go through a hassle. The paperless billing makes things easy and convenient.

Spanish Packages and Customer Support

Well, when it comes to any issues that you might be facing, Xfinity is a very user-friendly internet and while it encourages you to save money by making installation and setup process easier, you can still face issues. Well in that case, Xfinity has a very efficient customer support that is available for assistance at all times.

Besides, if you are a Spanish-speaking customer, Xfinity Telefono is for you, because the customer support will speak to you in Spanish and will make things easier for you by explaining you solutions in Spanish language. The Spanish packages and deals at Xfinity are also designed especially for Spanish people. They have Spanish channels and a whole Latino channel line-up that you can check out.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for a good TV and internet package that brings value to your home and life, there is nothing better than Xfinity. Keeping the reviews aside, Xfinity not only provides you a basic TV and internet package, it keeps you connected with your TV and internet at all times, brings you content for everyone in the family be it a sports lover, a child, or a streamer. Apart from that, the reliability, affordability, and flexibility in billing and contracts make it a worthy TV and internet service.

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