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What is the Term Health?

In today’s society, the term health is used to describe the state of being healthy. However, the term is not defined in the same way everywhere. In Ottawa, the term health was redefined to include the object of living and the means of achieving these ends. It also emphasizes the connection between health and participation in society. For example, the concept of health as the ability to meet one’s needs and realize one’s aspirations is used to describe the state of being healthy in the Ottawa Charter magazinepaper.

The WHO definition of health first emerged in 1948 and implies absolute wellbeing. Moreover, the definition is problematic, because it enables the health industry to redefine health status by making all people need to seek medical treatment for any illness or downloadhubs. Furthermore, the definition of health is based on the fact that the human body is a dynamic, multidimensional system, which means that the status of an individual may vary depending on the circumstances and their own individual needs.

In other definitions, health may be defined quantitatively in textboard of function and the absence of disease. These definitions are found in textbooks on clinical medicine and diagnosis. In health examinations, a series of tests are likely to be performed, some of which are quantitative, while others are descriptive. These tests may reveal the presence of disease in otherwise healthy people. So, in addition to the physical examinations, what is the term health?

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