What dress suits me perfectly? Tips from a dress store

Dresses can be found in every wardrobe, as they are indispensable in the fashion world. They come in different lengths, from mini to midi and maxi dresses. They are also available in different prints, with patterns, embroidery, etc. Why are dresses so popular? They make excess pounds disappear and flatter every figure. There are a total of five different figure types. You can find out which type you are and which dress cut suits you best. Experts from dress store explained to us how to choose a suitable option. 

What figure types are there?

Before you rush to buy dresses & gowns in an online dress store, it is better to learn what body type you are. Having this knowledge, choosing gowns for women will be much easier. 

  1. A-type. The A-figure type is also called the pear type because the upper body is narrower than the hip. In Milla dress store, there are lots of gowns that suit this shape. 
  2. X-type. The X figure type is also described as an hourglass type, as the waist is very pronounced, and the shoulders and hips are almost identically wide.
  3. H-type. The H-figure type is also referred to as a tube type, as all body parts are equally pronounced except for the waist. 
  4. V-type. The V-figure type is also called the apple type because the upper body is wider than the lower body.
  5. O-type. The O figure type is also called an orange type. Such ladies have large busts and wide hips, but very thin legs.

Once you have found your figure type, reward yourself with a perfect fancy or formal dress. Milla catalogue offers lots of dresses for any event, be it a night out or any other event. Cute or seductive gown: what will you choose? 

Dress types

If you are not sure what is the perfect dress silhouette you would like to wear, take a look at our selection of dress types minishortner

  1. A-line. This dress style is especially suitable for women with narrow shoulders, a small bust, and conceals strong thighs. 
  2. The sheath dress. This dress is very well known and is one of the true classics. It can be worn in the office and as an evening dress. It is so popular because it really flatters every figure type. 
  3. The shirt dress. This dress type is also very popular, especially in summer in hot temperatures. Our tip for you: combine your dress with a belt and highlight your narrow waist. 
  4. The tunic dress. It is also a very popular choice for the summer, which flatters every figure type. Due to the airy and loose cut, problem areas are hidden.

Where to buy top evening gowns?

In the Milla Dresses catalogue, you will find dresses of diverse types online. An impressive offer, quick shipping, and exclusive designs are guaranteed to satisfy you. 

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