Use, and rules for CBD cultivation


Cannabis (cannabis) is a genus of plant family Cannabaceae, with three species.

Frequently, these include Sativa (Cannabis sativa), indica (Cannabis indica) and cannabis ruderalis, while Marijuana is a slang term. The flowers of the cannabis plant used for smoking.

There are two active ingredients in cannabis: THC (delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol).

And CBD (cannabidiol), both of which have different properties as follows:

  • THC has a psychoactive effect, causing relaxation and sleep and reducing nausea and vomiting. stimulate appetite Alleviate sickness and anxiety, and reduce spasms in Patients with certain neurological diseases, but if THC from cannabis is used in the wrong way or not careful to use May cause bodily harm as follows:

The benefits of cannabis and hemp and relevant regulations in the European Union hallucination, addiction. If given in high doses may cause toxicity and aabnormal symptoms THC has many side effects from its use, such as a powdery mouth and red eyes rapid heartbeat, slow reflexes, and memory loss.

  • CBD has the effect of reducing inflammation. Reducing spasms (It has been used to help treat epilepsy in children) helps to calm, relax, and alleviate sickness. And has properties that also inhibit the growth of multiple tumor cells in vitro. It has been used in the treatment of migraines. Depression, muscle inflammation, glaucoma, and psychotic symptoms. World Health Organization (World Health Organization, WHO) has previously announced that CBD shop can be used in large doses with almost no side effects Due to the benefits of such active ingredients, Marijuana is allowed to be used. It is widely practiced under different regulations in different countries around the world. Many countries in the European Union have The cultivation of cannabis has been around for hundreds of years ago, to bring

cannabis to be processed into fibers and oil Medicine or use for enjoyment. Most of the species Legally regulated Marijuana It is a species that can produce substances. THC in amounts causing the release effect is because THC can cause unwanted symptoms and harm the body.

While many countries have enforced laws to regulate the cultivation of cannabis in all species, even if the species produces a small amount of THC. Currently, the EU does not have a central law applicable to all EU member states for Permissions and sanctions imposed on the cultivator, user, vendor, or possessor of cannabis but the European Union has a central law to regulate drug trafficking. The European Union has empowered member states. To control and legalize the use of Marijuana in our own country. For this reason, the regulations, laws, and penalties for marijuana use are Different in each member state, for example, the Netherlands has allowed the use of cannabis for both can be enjoyed in a licensed facility and used for medical purposes. In contrast, in some member countries, only medical cannabis is allowed. Or some countries prohibit the use of Marijuana. You can collect CBD from CBD shop.

Marijuana Laws in the European Union

In addition, many countries have declared marijuana use not a crime. Decriminalization is the absence of criminal penalties. but will use alternatives by implementing measures for example, in some countries, the possession of Marijuana in small quantities for Personal consumption is a civil or petty offense requiring a fine.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is extracted from cannabis inflorescences, which contains THC and CBD shop and uses dissolves into a dark, viscous oil by the most common oil used as a solvent is olive oil Sunflower oil and peanut oil, etc.

Hemp oil can be made by dropping the fat under the tongue. The oil is then absorbed through the mucosal layer in the epithelium mouth and enters the bloodstream.

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