Understanding The Causes Of Boat Accidents

Going out on a boat ride on a warm, sunny day sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday with your family. However, a good day can quickly turn into a tragic one due to negligence on the boat operator’s part or for some other reason. Boat accidents are not as common as car and truck accidents, but they do happen. 

If you were recently in a boating accident where you or your loved ones were injured, you may be eligible for compensation. However, before you begin your claim, it is important to understand what qualifies as a boating accident. Hire a Vermont personal injury lawyer who specializes in boating accidents to begin working on your case. 

The causes of boat accidents 

  • Operator error. 

When you are on a boat, the operator or the captain of the vessel is responsible for the safety of those on the boat as well as the ones on the water. Any negligence, carelessness, or recklessness on the operator’s part can put the lives of the people on the boat at risk. Many operators have the impression that operating a boat is easier than operating a road vehicle and do not give it the extra care and attention it needs. This is where they go wrong, and accidents happen. 

  • Running around. 

Partying on a boat sounds like a great plan when you are discussing and planning it in the comfort of your house. However, running around on the deck of a boat while it runs on water can be dangerous. You could slip on a slippery surface or trip over an object. Things can get even more complex when you are drunk, as people tend to become less attentive. It is better to stay sober and aground rather than sinking. 

  • Operator intoxication. 

Operator intoxication comes under operator error and negligence. Just like driving a vehicle on the road while being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs is not legal, operating a boat full of people while being drunk is illegal as well. Of course, it is not just the operator of the boat who should be careful about being sober, but the passengers riding on the boat as well. 

  • Catching fire. 

Boats catching fires are very rare, thanks to modern technology. However, it is still important to play safe. Look out for fuel spills when you see a rainbow-hued slick on water. The operator should check the internal parts of the boat, particularly the area around the fuel to ensure there is no leakage. 

Hire a personal injury attorney today. 

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