Symptoms indicate that the skin is sensitive.

Have you ever noticed why our skin gets a little bit of an allergic reaction? or skin irritation has occurred What cream do you use when the rash appears? Or just a little hot weather, skin problems occur incessantly. Especially during the need to be in the mass as well. Skin problems are not gone for a while. Other people can’t see what’s going on? Your skin is more sensitive than others. Maybe it’s because your skin is sensitive. Or it is a skin type “sensitive skin” which is a skin that can cause skin problems more easily than other skin types. Makes it necessary to take special care of the skin. and strengthen the skin as well

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The main problem of people with sensitive skin is that your skin’s defenses are weak. Therefore, when encountering unsatisfactory pollution or changing weather conditions, the skin can not cope with these foreign things. therefore causing the skin to have an allergic reaction Or irritate it. But if you strengthen the skin This will give the skin a protective barrier that is strong enough to cope with various pollution better, resulting in less skin problems. Anyone who wants to know the secret to skin care to be healthy and not allergic. Must go read this article.

How do I know if I have sensitive skin or not? Sensitive skin is caused by the inflammation of our facial skin. irritated which comes from many reasons, whether Allergies to certain products, pollution, touching your face with unclean hands and many reasons affecting the face. Most of the time, sensitive skin manifests itself in the following ways:

– Red skin, red rash. This type of allergic reaction usually occurs when we come in contact with an irritant. In addition to the red rash May be a small rash You can join as well. Most of the time, this type of rash is caused by allergic reactions to products, pollution, and rosacea skin rashes, which all cause a red rash.

– Dry, flaky skin This is another common skin irritation that we often encounter. Especially when the weather changes frequently. Like in winter, the dry rainy season makes our skin dry and lacks moisture. Most of the time, this symptom is caused by using exfoliating products, the environment, and hot baths. Wash your face with hot water frequently. and does not add moisture back to the skin. It can result in flaky skin.

– Itchy, burning skin is another sign that you are sensitive skin. If you feel a burning sensation Itchy skin easily It is said that your face is weak and easy to irritate. Most of the measures are taken with certain products. lack of moisture in the skin cause when using anything on the face, there is an allergic reaction irritated It is another symptom that people with sensitive skin often encounter.

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