Sun TV is one of the largest and most popular Tamil channels in India

There are several reasons to invest in SunTV. Its shaky reputation and high prices have contributed to its shaky stock price. Nevertheless, it has an impressive subscriber base in India and other Tamil-speaking regions. Moreover, it also has a significant following in Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The following of SunTV is increasing each day, and its astronomical growth is primarily due to its adherence to ethical standards in broadcasting.

SunTV was launched in April 1993, when it getliker shared four and a half hours of airtime with ATN Network. Today, Sun TV has 33 TV channels in India, and their signal reaches 95 million homes. It also reaches 27 other countries, with a global reach of 185 million households. It controls over 50,000 hours of original content. Apart from India, Sun TV has presence in Australia, Europe, USA, and Asia. The company also operates radio stations in Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and other languages.

The Sun Network Group ventsmagazine owns 32 television channels in various Indian languages. Sun TV is one of the largest and most popular Tamil channels in India. It was the first private TV channel in the country and is the most-watched Tamil-language channel in the world. It also has news and information channels, music channels, and educational programs. In the past, Sun TV was privately held, but in 2006, the company was listed on two major Indian stock exchanges, the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

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