Smartphones Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right One

Smartphones have become a needed item, and making the right choice by spending money wisely is crucial. So, is it difficult for you to pick one out of various available options? This smartphones buying guide will assist you in choosing the right phone according to your requirements. The tips included in this mobile phone buying guide will let you find answers to questions like what to consider, how to select, where to purchase and more.

The most important aim of this smartphones buying guide is to assist in mobile phone selection, that meets your demands without spending much. For this, the critical decision-making factors will be mobile phone features offered by the brand, the user’s own preferences and budget.

Smartphones Buying Guide: Features List to Consider

The smartphone features list will vary for each model available in the market. Every day, the latest smartphone features are getting launched by popular brands. So, while deciding always find answers to the 3 questions:

  1. What are you planning to do with it?
  2. What are the important functionalities required?
  3. How much will it be at your affordable price?

Next, compare the remaining mobile phones from the filtered list based on the below listed important features of smartphones.

Performance: A smartphone with slow processing, hanging, etc… will annoy the users. So, performance matters a lot. Processor, RAM, Operating System, and user interface are major specifications that indicate the smartphone performance.

A processor, known as the brain of the system, will directly affect the smartphone’s performance. The faster the processor, the greater will be the smartphone performance. Clock speed and number of cores are parameters used for measuring processor capacity.

The next is the RAM, and it is the system memory that stores data of active applications. The higher the RAM capacity, quickly one can switch between multiple applications. The RAM size ranges from 1GB to 16GB. A 4GB-6GB RAM is mostly sufficient for normal usage.

Coming to operating system selection, the most considered are Android or iOS. Android can be mentioned as a user-friendly and customizable platform where the users can run any application. But, even if the iOS is simple, there will be several restrictions enabled for improving safety features. So, Android OS is suitable for those who require flexibility and iOS for those requiring simple and standard experience.

User Interface improves the user experience and this is built over the top of the operating system. Users themselves need to try and experience the UI before deciding on which smartphone to purchase.

Storage: Internal storage is extremely necessary for installing numerous applications and storing media and documents. Modern smartphones come with storage ranging from 32GB to 512 GB. 32GB-64GB storage is mostly enough for users who perform simple operations. But, 128GB or above is suggested for users who use heavy gaming applications.

Battery: Choosing a mobile phone with a battery life that fits your daily needs is essential. For an average user, 6-10hrs of screen time is optimum. But, if it is for gaming purposes, you will be requiring more battery life. ROG Phone 6 Pro is one such gaming phone delivering 15.5 hours of battery life if you have planning to buy ASUS mobile phone.

Display: A good display is what smartphones must have. Screen size, aspect ratio, resolution, brightness pixel, screen protection and screen technology are key factors determining a good display. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with the newest LTPO OLED display technology is a trending model for the brightest mobile display and improved battery life. Buy Samsung phone online, if this suits your requirements.

Camera: Front Camera, rear camera, sensor size, High Dynamic Range(HDR), camera control options, video quality, focus and shutter response, lenses & zoom, etc… are major camera specifications that need to be considered.  Currently, smartphone designs combine multiple lenses together for improving the megapixel count to capture spectacular shots.

This smartphones buying guide has already included important tips based on features. Now, let’s conclude by sharing some advice on where to buy. It is mostly preferred to buy mobile phones online. Want to know why? Because you can compare features of different models listed on various platforms along with the feedback from existing users. Also, you can avail best discounts and offers through online purchases. Moreover, you can even find hundreds of the best mobile phones under 10,000 when shopping online.

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