Product Defects That May Cause Personal Injury – Can We Claim?

It is the customer’s preference to purchase qualified products. A lot of times, consumers believe the manufacturers and buy the goods. At times, it can be defective. And the intensity of the defect can cause personal injury too. People connect with legal advisors like Naqvi Accident Injury Law firms to file compensation.

Though, the product is not defectively made out of intention. But these defects can be harmful and may cause death too. Let us see some of the product defect categories that you may consider to filing a suit.

Categories of Product Defects

A product can be of any type. From a motorcycle to a bread toaster, a car to a water bottle. One must realize that product defects are possible in any of the products or devices you may use daily.

Defect in the Product Design: There may be design defects that may cause injury to the user. The manufacturer is responsible for such defects. Improper or no-quality tests can cause this defect. One may prove this as negligence of the manufacturer in a court of law.

A few examples of design defects are

  • Children’s products containing hazardous chemicals
  • Products that are not prone to break easily crack with a small impact
  • Products that can melt
  • Unstable structures
  • Any type of mechanical defects in vehicles

Manufacturing Defect: This is one type of product defect that causes injury. Indeed, it is not an intentional act. But, this is not stated as negligence but a liability without fault. Some examples are

  • Wrongly attached spare parts
  • Wrong installation of electrical circuits
  • Wrong Manufacturing Method for manufacturing a product

Sales or Marketing Defect: Improper marketing of the product is a serious case of concern. If there is a wrong user instruction available, it is a marketing defect. Product liability law looks at these cases stringently. Some of the marketing defect examples are

  • Wrong or False Claims about the product and the usage
  • Warning not given on Consumer risks
  • Any advertisement that instructs the customer to use the product wrongly
  • No or improper warning labels on the product

These are the major product defect categories one may file a case against. The attorneys in the nation can help you file a suit. A lot of procedures are available for the law firm to file a case on such issues. However, an expert lawyer can help you with this easily.

Contact a Lawyer Immediately

If there is an injury due to a product defect, connect with a lawyer immediately. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to manufacture a product that is safe to use. You have the right to seek compensation if the product is unsafe.


People face difficult times with injuries and damages. These damages can cause a lot of trouble. Especially, in terms of medical and financial aspects. Well-skilled and experienced lawyers are the people who file for compensation for you.

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