Huntington Beach personal injury claim: Things to now

No matter whether it was an unfortunate car accident or a case of a dog attack in Huntington Beach, enduring injuries because of someone’s mistake is never easy. The laws in California are pretty simple on paper, but that doesn’t mean victims always get a fair outcome when they seek compensation. If you have sustained a catastrophic injury in an accident where the other person (or party) was reckless or careless, you should be aware of the things listed below.

The insurance company will fight

If you are hoping to get a settlement just by filing a claim, you should know that things may not be as positive in real life. The insurance company will fight the claim, and the adjuster will try tactful steps. They may deny the claim entirely, excluding certain expenses, or delay the process for the longest time. You have to be a step ahead in dealing with the situation, especially communicating and sharing key details.

You have a small window to file a lawsuit

If the worst happens and the insurance offer is not enough to cover your expenses, you have to consider filing a lawsuit. In that context, you should know about the statute of limitations in California. As per the statute, you have two years from the date of injury to take direct action against the other party.

Your fault is a critical factor

When you were injured in a car crash where you were also liable for the mishap to an extent, your fault will determine the final compensation. You still have the right to seek compensation as per California laws, and this is true for circumstances when you are primarily responsible for the accident. Talk to an attorney if you don’t know whether it is a good idea to file a claim.

Hiring a lawyer doesn’t cost anything

Most victims have concerns when it comes to seeking representation for an injury claim, often because they cannot afford an attorney. If you choose to hire a lawyer, they will not demand a fee right away. Instead, you can expect them to take a percentage of what you win, which could be 33% or more. Lawyers may even take 25% as the contingency fee for more straightforward cases. You don’t have to pay for a case discussion either.

It takes considerable work to have a legal strategy for your claim. Get an attorney before it’s too late.

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