How Much Health Will a Purple Knockdown Shield Provide?

You’ve probably wondered, “How much health does a purple knockdown shield provide?” and you’re probably wondering what that means. A purple knockdown shield provides 750 health, but it also provides a unique ability to self-revive. You can use this ability to buy yourself extra time or to buy your teammate extra time. Using this ability will also give you a better chance of surviving a fight, especially if you’re on a team.

The Purple Knockdown Shield is one of many useful tools in Apex Legends. The shield can be found in Supply Drops or by sifting through levels. This shield is based on RNG, so you might have to scour different areas to find it. It can also be looted from dead bodies. While it doesn’t block as much damage as a Golden Legendary Knockdown Shield, it’s a lot closer to its legendary counterpart. But, it doesn’t have the self-resurrection ability of the Golden Knockdown Shield.

If you’re not sure about how much health a purple knockdown shield provides, it’s worth checking out gold items for the extra benefit. Gold armor, for example, provides 50% more protection from headshots and increases your ability to use your ultimate abilities. You should also check out the gold helmet, which will provide a shield of equal or better health. This item will also increase your speed of charge for your ultimate abilities.

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