Could A SIM Racing Academy Help You Hone Your Driving Skills?

Having helped to revolutionise the way motorsports are enjoyed, Sim Racing enables enthusiasts to release their inner racing driver, and experience all of the thrills, twists and turns of the racetrack, without having to set foot outside, let alone a race track. 

If you’re a Sim Racing enthusiast and would like to get more out of your simulated racing experience, a racing academy could be just the thing. With top of the range products that are used by professionals, such as Sim Racing Sprint Pedals, and technology that’s truly state-of-the-art, racing academies provide amateurs and pro’s alike, with the ideal environment for kicking off a racing career or hobby, or for seasoned racers to get even faster.

Academies and premium products

Even if you’ve got a racing simulator at home, you may not be able to afford all of the accessories or top-of-the-range products. With a racing academy, however, you get to access all of their specialist equipment and indulge in a truly immersive simulated racing experience.

From triple monitor screens and wheelbases, to steering wheels and pedals, all of these high-end products can transform a sim racing experience, and make you feel as if you’re driving a real race car and competing with the stars of Formula 1! 

Let’s look at some of the products used at simulated racing academies and how they can enhance your racing experience:


Providing the force feedback to the car’s steering wheel, the wheelbase forms the real heart of a simulated racing rig, and helps you to feel exactly what the car is doing as it rounds a corner, like under or oversteer, for example. Ultimately, it’s these details that can help your car be the fastest on the track. 

Steering wheels

A high quality steering wheel will feel so much more user-friendly and tactile than a basic one, and you have the ability to easily make in-car adjustments as necessary, at the mere touch of a button or switch. Not only that, but giving you a crisper gear change experience are magnetic shifters found on the wheel’s rear, allowing you to record more consistent lap times. 

Racing sim pedals

A quality set of pedals, such as Heusinkveld sim pedals sprint can make all the difference to a sim racers experience, allowing brake pressure and throttle control to be modulated, and providing racers with enhanced consistency, every single lap. This extra feeling of control you get when using the pedals will give you the confidence to really push yourself and set your sights on the podium!

Sim Racing platforms

While there are a number of racing platforms to choose from, one that stands out and is used by many professional racing car drivers, is iRacing. With scanners that are high-tech, real-world tracks can be meticulously scanned and every single crack, ridge and bump captured. With this level of detail, you really can get as close to what a real racing driver experiences out on the track. 

With a variety of rigs to choose from, a great driving platform used by the best in the business, and all the accessories you could want, Sim Racing academies offer an unparalleled driving experience for pros and amateurs alike.

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