Baby face by Fat Transfer injection

Facial fat grafting is a fat graft. It is the transfer of fat from other parts such as hips, thighs, abdomen to fill in the face. By using Korean techniques, high quality fats are obtained. The filling of fat is becoming very popular nowadays because fat can be added in more than one at a time. No foreign substances enter the body. and make the results look natural But adding fat still requires the art of facial design. It also requires a specialist in fat transplantation.

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What areas can be injected into the face of a child’s fat?

Facial fat grafting has many advantages that can help you look younger. look naturally youthful and fill in various points on the face to be as beautiful as you want as follows

– Wrinkles help increase the bulge, wrinkles, and deep grooves to fade.

– Cheek grooves help fill in the deep cheek grooves that resemble the elderly to look shallower.

– Cheeks Replenish the cheeks that look shabby to make them plump and bright.

– Forehead increases the bulge of the forehead, making the face look dimensional.

– Temples help fill the concave of the temples to be more full. It looks dimensional with the forehead and cheekbones.

– Chin helps to make the face look more slender by filling in the short chin area.

– Dolly Eye helps solve problems under the deep eyes to give the eyes a cute and bright dimension.

normal fat

It is a technique for removing fat from Thighs, abdomen or hips. This fat is healthy fat and uses liposuction techniques that produce high-quality fat. Does not cause problems with the skin that collapses After the step, it will enter the process of centrifuging the fat. Bring out high quality fats. Bring it back to spray on the face and in the part that needs to fix bugs. Adjust the face shape to make it look more

Fat filling with Nano Fat technique

Nano-fat filling technique involves injecting small fat cells into the upper skin surface. to fill in areas with wrinkles or atrophy Adjust the skin under the eyes to reduce the tear lines and bags under the eyes. Tighten pores to be smaller. smoother skin Restore healthy skin Filling the face with fat, this technique will not cause fascia and will not damage the skin. be safe Can be done at any age This is not suitable for people who are very thin. because there is little or no fat enough to be injected celebrow.

Fat filling with Lipokit Nano Fat technique

Lipo-Kit Nano-Fat Facial Fat Filling Technique is an injection of small fat cells that can be extracted immediately along with liposuction. The fat that is sucked out is not exposed to the outside air. Therefore, fat cells are intact and the rate of implantation is high. Therefore, there is no need to inject large quantities of fat like other techniques and it is safe and contamination-free. In the procedure, the doctor will inject fat into the appropriate layer of skin. Make the fat aligned in order for long lasting results thetalka.

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